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"Your lessons are wonderful. My students

loved their castles and they look great.

I look forward to using them all!"

- Kendra Haddock, Art Teacher, Helena, Alabama

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Draw freehand

Paint with

Use various types
of media


Use light &

Trust and believe
in themselves

Use their

Have fun with


The history of the
lesson's subject

About famous artists

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Series Overview...

We each have our own individual way of expressing an idea or experience. We each have our own style. These lessons are designed to help children create and communicate with confidence and to enjoy their own work and the art of others. In this series we learn to see and organize shape, line, color, value and texture the way artists do. We look at things aesthetically, from a different perspective, in an imaginative way or according to how they make us feel.


Some of the lessons are just for the joy of art. Some lessons record history. Some reflect the art of other cultures and some are related to a general subject field, such as endangered species.

The children in the video are from regular elementary school classrooms. The wonderful art under the ending credits is their video work completed. The children I work with often like to complete the drawing in one session and fill in the coloring or the background in other session. If your children need more time to complete any part of the lesson please feel free to pause the tape while they catch up.


Each lesson includes a teacher guide that contains a list of supplies needed, suggestions to help the teacher guide the class to success and a black and white line drawing of the lesson subject that may be copied for classroom distribution . The supplies we use are available through school supply catalogues and in variety and art supply stores. I've suggested the media I like for each lesson, but please substitute what you have on hand if you so desire. Remember, the goal is to have fun.


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Teaches perspective and history of Castles

 Ability Level 1 (more...)




A favorite lesson - Teaches perspective on a sphere in

this fun fantasy.

Ability Level 2





Create an entire undersea world and learn about the

amazing dolphin.

Ability Level 3


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