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"Your lessons are wonderful. My students

loved their castles and they look great.

I look forward to using them all!"

- Kendra Haddock, Art Teacher, Helena, Alabama

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Art with Joy - New Lessons for 2011
New Lessons Your Art Students Will Love!

Panda Face

Running time 45 Minutes

  • Students draw and color a panda face and bamboo using a circle pattern, pencils, pens, and colored pencils or markers.

  • This lesson teaches interesting and fun facts about pandas and discusses their natural habitat and legal protections for them since they are an endangered specie.

  • The lesson demonstrates how to color effectively with colored pencils.

Media Type: DVD
License Type:

Desert Cactus

Running time 58 Minutes

  • Students color or paint a beautiful desert scene with saguaro and prickly pear cacti using colored pencils or watercolors.

  • This lesson teaches interesting facts about the Saguaro cactus.

  • It also discusses artistic principles such as overlapping, warm and cool colors, fore, middle and background, and arranging objects to unify a picture. The lesson demonstrates painting with water colors.

Media Type: DVD
License Type:

Fall Tree

Running time 50 minutes

  • Students draw and paint an Autumn tree using pencils, pens and water colors.

  • In this lesson two different ways of painting the trees are demonstrated. The foliage is painted with dots for younger children, and free form color for older students.

  • The lesson reviews painting with water colors, painting the sky and warm fall colors.
Media Type: DVD
License Type:

Gingerbread House

Running time 46 Minutes

  • Students draw and color a gingerbread house using pencils, pens and colored pencils or crayons.

  • In this lesson two different ways of drawing the houses are demonstrated. For younger children there is a simple front view and for third graders and older, a three dimensional view.

  • The lesson discusses straight lines, curving lines, parallel lines and perspective, encourages students to compare the height of the roof area to the height of the bottom section of the house, and demonstrates shading the snow and putting a shine on the candy.

  • The lesson also briefly relates the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel.
Media Type: DVD
License Type:


Running time 54 Minutes

  • Students draw and color a leprechaun using two circle patterns, pencils, pens and colored pencils or crayons.
  • Students turn two circles into a fun leprechaun with a happy or cranky expression on his face. They add arms, legs, beards, hats, shoes and clothes, keeping in mind realistic proportions (as realistic as can be for a leprechaun).

  • The lesson discusses leprechauns; what they look like, where they can be found and what they do.

Media Type: DVD
License Type:

Upside Down Door Knob

Running time 31 Minutes

  • Students draw a cartoon door knob upside down, copying each line, shape and space as accurately as possible. When they have finished they turn their papers right side up and are usually very surprised to see how great their door knob looks.

  • Students are then free to add cartoon arms and legs and a fun background.

  • This lesson is one of the students’ favorites. Drawing the door knob upside down helps the student to access the right side of his brain and see things exactly as they are. The logical left brain knows too much about things and tries to tell the artist what SHOULD be there instead of seeing what IS there.

Media Type: DVD
License Type:


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Teaches perspective and history of Castles

 Ability Level 1 (more...)




A favorite lesson - Teaches perspective on a sphere in

this fun fantasy.

Ability Level 2





Create an entire undersea world and learn about the

amazing dolphin.

Ability Level 3


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