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"Your lessons are wonderful. My students

loved their castles and they look great.

I look forward to using them all!"

- Kendra Haddock, Art Teacher, Helena, Alabama

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Draw freehand

Paint with

Use various types
of media


Use light &

Trust and believe
in themselves

Use their

Have fun with


The history of the
lesson's subject

About famous artists

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This video provides you with a good example of the quality content in all of our "Art with Joy" teaching videos.

What Teachers Are Saying About "Art with Joy"®:

Your lessons are wonderful. My students loved their castles and they look great. I look forward to using them all!


- Kendra Haddock, Art Teacher, Helena, Alabama


The 'Art with Joy" series of videos allows my second graders to have a "real artist" in my classroom, instructing them in drawing and painting techniques. At the conclusion of the videos, I am always amazed at my students' final products. Even my students who have fine motor difficulties are able to produce a work of art in which they have pride. In addition to experiencing a successful art lesson, my students receive a valuable listening activity.


- Donna Smith,  Second Grade Teacher


A few years ago I introduced Joy's art to my students through her Castle video. It was easy to follow and their drawings turned out wonderful! She is able to make drawing easy and successful for even the least talented student. Besides discovering artistic abilities they never though they had, students are also enriched by discovering a new way to look at their world and the everyday shapes they see. This has transferred over into math and other curricular areas, helping to form valuable connections for children in their everyday world. I would highly recommend "Art with Joy" to every school district and parent


- Jan Keicher, Third Grade Teacher


Thank you again for the wonderful videos. It is also so exciting to see the pleased looks on the children's faces when they have completed a drawing. My whole school is big into the “Art with Joy” series. We can't live without you!

- Joanne Hauseman, First Grade Teacher

Joy’s talent to draw out artistic ability in my students comes across very well in her videos. She does a step-by-step lesson at a speed that is comfortable for most students and adds excitement by giving background information about her subject. Having a small group of students in the video helps bring the reality of the drawing, painting, etc. to those watching and following along. A library of these teaching videos would be extremely helpful to all teachers who don’t feel as comfortable with this subject as they would like.

- Llana Armitage, Fifth Grade Teacher

Since purchasing our set of “Art with Joy” videos, we have found that they are frequently used and enjoyed in classrooms, K-5. The videos are not only instructive, but are paced to ensure that every student feels success. It is especially appreciated that she reassures students throughout the lessons that each picture will be different but beautiful. The teachers appreciate that each student lesson has been thoughtfully prepared and carefully presented. The staff members at Lincoln Elementary School feel that the videos are a positive and educationally sound approach to teaching students.

- Jeanne Schultz, Principal

What I like about Joy’s method is that it is broken down into simple steps that any student can follow. She carefully guides the class step by step and by the end of the lesson, 100% of the students in each of my twins’ classes had a picture he or she could be proud of. Joy shows students that everyone can be “good at art”. If a student succeeds at art, it may help instill a desire to tackle other subjects thought to be too difficult.

- Sharon Shimizu, Parent


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Teaches perspective and history of Castles

 Ability Level 1 (more...)




A favorite lesson - Teaches perspective on a sphere in

this fun fantasy.

Ability Level 2





Create an entire undersea world and learn about the

amazing dolphin.

Ability Level 3


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